Battleford Furniture is proud to carry Canadian Made furniture by Dutailier.

Dutailier Furniture is handcrafted right in Canada! For 35 years, Dutailier has designed and manufactured their wood gliders in Canadian plants, the only Canadian Company to do so. Dutailier combines comfort and quality with stylish designs.

Click here to view more! https://www.dutailier.com/en/


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Canadian Made

Battleford Furniture is proud to carry the latest and the greatest of Canadian Made Products!

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Panasonic Home Monitoring

Protect your home, your World with Panasonic Home Monitoring

Why Choose Panasonic?

  1. No Montly Service Fee
  2. Easy Wi-Fi Set up
  3. Long Range by DECT
  4. Receive Notifications on your smartphone or Tablet when Windows and Doors are opened.
  5. Indoor and Outdoor cameras Available
  6. New indoor Siren which creates a 110dB alarm to fend of intruders
  7. A Water Leak Sensor is now available
  8. Notifications will be sent to your smartphone or tablet when the sensors for the Windows and Doors are triggered. Put cameras in the baby's room. the yard and even the barn. Sleep soundly at night while your home is monitored.

Make sure to Ask in Store how you can get the Home Safety Starter Kit. A smart phone and Wi-Fi connection are required.

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